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Watches that count your golf strokes

Our standard golf stroke bracelet is made with Czech Fire-Polished Glass beads. They have been immensely popular for over two centuries and their appeal is still growing today. The intense heat of the furnace "fires" the facets smooth for comfort, beauty and style.

Watch Style: Traditional
Cost: $39.99
Color Choices
Watches that count your golf strokes - Fun Shapes

Bracelets that count your golf strokes

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* Each piece is hand made therefore there may be some slight variations in detail or materials. The color shown is an approximation of the actual color. Colors may vary slightly due to your own monitor settings.

Not for children under 12 years old.


How to Use Jewelry That Counts View Demonstration Here

  • Wear bracelet snug when playing golf.
  • Turn all 8 beads in the same direction (so they all look the same) at the start of the hole.
  • After each stroke, turn over a bead to the other side.  At the end of the hole, simply count the number of beads turned and record your score on the course score card.
  • Turn all beads so they look the same and then start the next hole.
  • Have Fun!!

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